About Degrassi.ca

About This Website
This website was created by a fan who loves Degrassi and is interested in the picky technical details of the Degrassi Television Series . I am not associated with Playing With Time, Epitome Pictures, WGBH Boston, or Timeless Productions. I have no affiliation to Linda Schuyler, Kit Hood, Kate Taylor, or any of the cast and crew of the series.

The Unofficial Degrassi Website was started in July 1997, in order to organize all the information on the Degrassi Television Series. I decided to buy the domain and initiate a mailing list, so that I can unite the Degrassi community together and participate in active discussion about the show.

The domain name and web site of http://www.degrassi.ca is unofficial. The opinions and views expressed on this site are mine. They are not connected with the Degrassi Television Series. I do not represent any of the cast or crew members. I do not represent the production companies in question and I do not represent Linda Schuyler, Kit Hood, and Kate Taylor. I cannot forward any messages or email to them so please do not send me any emails with “Dear Linda or Kit or Kate or any Degrassi actor or crew member.

The material on this site is composed of information compiled by myself, searching through libraries for press clippings, episode guides, Degrassi educational newspapers, and conducting interviews with some of the cast of the show. I also have the whole Degrassi TV series on videocassette from 1979-1992, and it has been a tremendous resource. I thank the cast and crew that I have interviewed. They have helped me tremendously.

This web site has no connection to Playing With Time, Epitome Pictures, or Timeless Productions. This site is not, in any way, linked with Linda Schuyler, Kit Hood, or any of the Playing With Time repertory members. This site will always be changing and new information will continue to be added. Questions and comments can be directed to Mark Aaron Polger

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