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After the world experienced Degrassi, books started being published, many of them written by the staff at Playing with Time, like Kathryn Ellis, and Susin Nielsen. Other books were written by authors like Catherine Dunphy, Loretta Castellarin, Ken Roberts, and Nazneen Sadiq.  The first Degrassi Junior High book was Exit Stage Left, written by William Pasnak. It described the general background of Degrassi Junior High, its main characters, like a synopsis of Season one.  As of 1990 there are 21 “Degrassi Books”. Most of them are of the Junior High series, and the rest are the “Kids of Degrassi Street” Series. Eight books are actual transcriptions of twenty four (out of the twenty six “Kids” episodes, and the other 13 are mixed with transcriptions from “Junior High” episodes, while some books stand on their own, and have nothing to do with the series. Their characters are purely elaborated by the authors.  You can purchase all of the Degrassi Books (except “Arthur and Yick”) at many online stores.
UPDATE: I sent a letter to James Lorimer and Co. inquiring about the status of the book, Arthur and Yick, which is hard to find. I received a letter in March 1998 with the statement that Arthur and Yick was the only book of the series, whose publication was cancelled. If you still want to find out more about the book, the author of the manuscript is Kathrine Ellis.

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