What are the school colours?
What play did Kathleen, Melanie and Caitlin play in Term 2 of Degrassi?
What is the game show that Tim, Nancy, and Kathleen play on behalf of Degrassi?
Where did Wheels run away to?
What part did Kathleen get in the play? Caitlin? Melanie?
What is the name of Spike’s daughter?
Why was L.D. afraid of visiting her father in the hospital?
What high school did the Degrassi kids take their science courses when they entered Grade 9?
Why did Stephanie Kaye not return to Degrassi?
What Elementary School did Scott Webster come from?
What dirty video did Arthur and Yick rent ?
What did Arthur and Yick give each other for Christmas?
What does L.D. and B.L.T. stand for?
What are the real names for Spike,Wheels, and Snake?
What is Susie Riviera’s little sister’s name?
What does Stephanie Kaye’s mother’s job?
What is Arthur’s father’s profession?
When Athur was having wet dreams what sex show did he and Yick call up?
When Melanie “borrowed” money from her mum’s wallet, how was she supposed to pay it back?
Where does Snake’s grandmother live?
What was the name of the restaurant that Caitlin saw her father cheating on his wife?
What is Alexa’s aunt’s name?
What is the nickname that Tabi gives Dwayne?
What is the film that both Snake and Yick asked Melanie to go see?
What is the name of Shane’s brother?
Where is the Degrassi hangout where they have Coke and Fries?
Which twin is older, Erica or Heather, and by how long?
What private school does Shane’s father want to send him to?
What is the profession of Shane’s father?
What is the profession of Spike’s mother?
What are the professions of Caitlin’s parents?
What is Caitlin’s brother’s name?
What was Michelle’s nickname in Grade 8?
What colour does Michelle dislike?
What is Wheels’ home address?
What is Arthur’s father’s girlfriend’s name?
Who is Arthur’s new stepfather?
What is Wheels birth father’s band called?
What are the two names of Joey, Wheels, and Snake’s band before it was called The Zit Remedy?
What is Wheels’ middle name?
When was Wheels born?
What is the full name of Wheels’ birth father?
What is Lucy’s mother’s name?
What is Diana’s brother’s name?
What is Diana’s cousin’s name?
What is Liz’s mother’s profession?
What is Maya’s uncle’s name?
Which Degrassi episode is the only one that ends with an end frame that is not someone face?
What is Wheels address?
What is Wheels phone number?

How many minutes were Heather and Erica born apart?
What musical instrument did Spike play in music class?
How much does Joey’s car cost?
How old was Spike when she gave birth to Emma?
Who is the infamous ‘Mohawk Girl’?
Melanie sold Spike a concert ticket to which band?
What doughnut store did Michelle work at?
What did Spike’s mum do for a living, (what was her job?)
What unexpected surprise did Kathleen bring to Diana’s Sweet Sixteen Slumber party and where did she find out and who put it there?
What is the name of the organization that Caitlin and Claude volunteered for during the episode that they spray paint on a nuclear factory?
How much was the Gourmet Scum concert?
What is the name of the girl who always ate Granola Dipps bars and Skippy Peanut Butter?
Name four corporate sponsors seen on Degrassi.
What store did Joey work for during the summer in “School’s out?”
What was written on the T-Shirt that Tessa gave for her Joey’s birthday?
What is Diana’s brother’s name?
What brand of jeans was Simon modeling for?
Who got their driver’s license first on Degrassi High?
What does Arthur give to Yick after he returns to France?
What does Dwayne nickname Joey in Degrassi high?
Who is Diana smoking with when she gets caught by Ms. Avery?

What is the snakes name that Arthur had to watch?
What day was it when melanie got her braces taken off?
What was the new place that Arthur and and his dad got his joke and gags from?
What was going on when Carol decided to break up with Arthurs dad?
What was the concert that everybody in wanted to go see?
Where does Shane show up after he takes the drugs?


Degrassi Answers to the Trivia Questions

  1. Blue and Purple
    2.Love’s Fresh Face
    3. Quest for the Best.
    4. Port Hope
    5. Isabelle, Elizabeth, The Wench
    6. Emma
    7. Her mother died and she was afraid that hospitals would kill her father
    8.Borden High School
    9.She went to Private school
    10.Simcoe Elementary
    11.Swamp Sex Robots
    12.Arthur gave a glasses strap Yick gave a calculator
    13. Lorraine Delacourt, & Bryant Lester Thomas,
    14.Snake=Archie Simpson
    Wheels=Derek Wheeler
    Spike= Christine Nelson
    15. Nora-Jean
    16. Pharmacist
    17. Mailperson
    18. Sex with Dr. Sally
    19. By babysitting for the Wolofsky’s
    20. Montreal
    21. Le Bistro
    22. Helen
    23. Erica
    24. Shorty
    25. Revenge of the Reptiles
    26. Carl (or Karl)
    27. Caitlin’s parents are both teachers
    28. Patrick
    29. Mouse
    30. Baby Pink
    31. 179 Degrassi
    32. Carol
    33. Jerry
    34. Mike and The Drifters
    35. Snake and The Charmers, and Joey and The Joey Buzzers
    36. Michael
    37. 6am
    38. Mike Nelson
    39. Alice
    40. George
    41. Irene
    42. Waitress
    43. Avrum
    44. The Big Dance
    45. 179 Degrassi street
    46. 466-6170
    47. 6 minutes apart
    48. Flute
    49. $3000
    50. 15
    51. Faith in Season 3, Trish in Season 5
    52. Gourmet Scum
    53. Donut Express
    54. Hairdresser
    55. Marijuana in the tampon machine and Luke put it there.
    56. People for Peace
    57. $20.00
    58. Tabi
    59. Granola Dipps, Cleartech Zit Cream, Skippy Peanut Butter, UNICEF
    60. Shopper’s Drugmart
    61. Naughty and Nice
    62. George
    63. Dude Jeans
    64. Nancy
    65. Mouse
    66. A Beret
    67. Cockroach
    68. Yick and Luke
    69. Amadeus
    70. Picture day
    71. Joe’s Joke Emporium
    72. Open house
    73. The Gourmet Scum
    74. Under a bridge