Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
created 2005, updated in early 2019

1: Where can I see Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High on VHS/DVD?

Contacting the following online stores, they sell episodes in boxed sets in VHS/DVD format. DJH is offered in boxed sets (Seasons 1, 2, 3,) or sold separately

The Degrassi TV Series (Kids, DJH, DH, Degrassi: The Next Generation) can be found online on the Official Degrassi YouTube Channel


To purchase DVD’s, please see


2: How did the Degrassi Digest Mailing List get started?

I have been collecting Degrassi items since watching “Kids”, Junior High, and High. (since 1985 approximately.) I started my Degrassi site on Fortunecity in July 1997 and moved it over to my own domain in January 1998. I e-mailed Oren and David for some suggestions regarding a mailing list, and I created it December 12th, 1997. My website, originally called The Unofficial Degrassi Website at www.degrassi.org was renamed DEGRASSI.CA when I got an acceptance to own a Canadian domain. The Degrassi Webring was created in early 1998 to join all Degrassi sites and the mailing list was a great addition to the Website. I think as of 2005, I lost ownership of the Degrassi Webring but I did create the webring in Dec of 1997.

3: How did you obtain all the rare photos, archives, and for DEGRASSI.CA?

I collect newsclippings, and when I was a teenager I wrote WGBH Boston and Playing With Time and received Press Kits, Episode Guides, Degrassi Newspapers. I also capture many of the episodes with a video capture card software. As well I have received the personal collections of two cast members.

4: How long have you been a Degrassi fan and what inspired you to develop your website?

I rarely watched The Kids of Degrassi Street when I was a kid, because in 5 years there were only 26 episodes, so it was not like a regular series shown every week. The Kids shows were like small mini series, shown 6 episodes at a time, and I often missed them. I became a Degrassi fan when the Degrassi Junior High was on. It started Jan 18th, 1987, when I was in Grade 6, and I used to watch it on Sundays, and the following year on CBC Monday nights and Saturday mornings on PBS (The uncut versions)

5: What are the street addresses for the famous Degrassi landmarks in the Toronto’s neighbourhoods of Leslieville and Queen-Broadview Village?

The Playing With Time building is in the neighbourhood of Leslieville at 935 Queen Street East, in the East end Toronto.

Shopper Drug Mart is across from the former Playing With Time storefront house at the corner of Queen and Carlaw. Vincent Massey School is nowhere near Degrassi Street, but in the neighbourhood of Mimico (in Toronto). The address is 68 Daisy Street. Centennial College where Degrassi High was filmed is in the neighbourhood of Pape Village. It is located at the corner of Mortimer and Carlaw. The actual building is called the Centre for Creative Communication. The address is 951 Carlaw Ave. The URL is https://www.centennialcollege.ca/.

De Grassi Grocery is at the corner of Degrassi Street and Cummings. It does not exist anymore as the grocery was torn down and a little townhouse was built at that corner. De Grassi Street is in the neighbourhood of Queen-Broadview Village. The new name for this neighbourhood is called Riverside. This street goes North-South off from Queen Street East to Gerrard

6: Where can I get back issues of the Degrassi Books, Newsletters, Student Newspapers, and Discussion Guides?

WGBH Boston does not publish them anymore. They are out of print, and Kate Taylor’s office told me that they may re-print them in the future (March 1998) According to a conversation I had with Linda Schuyler, she told me that she thought that the trend for PBS is younger-aged programs and not adolescent programs like Degrassi.  Maybe this means that Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High will not be on PBS for a long time.

7: Does “Playing With Time” still exist? Are they still producing television programs?

The Playing With Time repertory company was active from 1976-1992. The intellectual property of the name still belongs to the copyright owners. They only exist as the parent company that owns the Degrassi trademark. They license the Degrassi “trademark” to Epitome Pictures, the active company that produces Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler still jointly own the company Playing With Time. They do not produce films anymore. Playing With Time stills act as a body to hold the rights on Degrassi merchandise, the Degrassi trademark, and The Playing With Time foundation, a non profit foundation that helps fund former alumni who want to develop films or anything or artistic merit. Kit Hood still owns the Playing With Time building at 935 Queen Street East and Linda Schuyler owns the rights to the TV Show.

After “X Rated”, the movie that inspired the creation of 2 years of Liberty Street, Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood parted ways. Schuyler and husband Stephen Stohn created Epitome Pictures, produced 2 seasons of Liberty Street, and 3 seasons of Riverdale, Canada’s first English language soap opera on CBC.  As of 2016, Schuyler and Stohn executive produced 14 seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation and 4 mini seasons of Degrassi: The Next Class on Netflix.

Epitome Pictures was bought out by DHX Media in 2014. The Epitome Pictures building, which served as the indoor studio and backlot for all 14 seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Degrassi: Next Class, Liberty Street, Instant Star, and Riverdale ceased its operations in 2019. DHX Media re-branded in 2019 to become WildBrain.

8: What real-life high schools and universities did the Degrassi cast members attend?

Many went to Earl Haig, an arts high school.

9: What are some recent movies and television shows that the Degrassi actors have appeared in?

Stacie Mistysyn was in “The Wrong Girl” on NBC. She lived in L.A. (California) and pursued acting after Degrassi. Pat Mastroianni was in Godzilla as Apache Pilot #5. He had a minor role in Degrassi: The Next Generation. The twins (Maureen and Angela Deiseich) were often seen on The Kids in the Hall. Dayo Ade (BLT) was also seen in the Kids in The Hall and he is an actor in L.A. Stefan Brogren is in Degrassi: The Next Generation and has been in some movies post-Degrassi. He graduated from the Los Angeles School of Dramatic Theatre and the Arts. Andy Chambers (Luke) has a production company in British Columbia. Bill Parrott and Stefan Brogren often appear in commercials and L. Dean Ifill was in a LEVIS Jeans ad. Anais Granofsky can be seen in Three To Tango and she has her own production company called Have Mercy Productions. She graduated from NYU film school and she is a notable Canadian director.

10: Why did you choose Degrassi as the basis for your B.A. Honours Thesis paper?

I did a small verbal presentation on Degrassi when I was in Grade 9 (age 15), and then again in my 3rd year in University in a Sociology of Television course. I compared Degrassi and Beverly Hills 90210, because I found that the shows reflected the norms and values of our Canadian and American society. I also found it interesting that two identical shows in content can be vastly different in style, and the central message. I tried to show that the television industry, Canadian and American history, and Canadian and American culture reflect the how the TV shows will get produced. I also think that the TV show reflects the society, they both affect each other.

11: Do they still print Degrassi books?

James Lorimer and Co. do not publish the original Degrassi books anymore. You can locate Degrassi books through online book stores like https://www.amazon.com

12: I cannot find the book Arthur and Yick?

James Lorimer and Co. told me that the manuscript written by Kathryn Ellis was never published.

18: Where can I find Degrassi T-Shirts, posters, watches, records, tapes, pencil cases, jackets, pencils? Do they still sell them at The Bay?

Go on eBay.com, or check out Pat Mastroianni’s site (he played Joey Jeremiah in the original series). He and some original cast members make appearances and invite fans for public viewings of the original show and he also sells fan memorabilia on his site https://www.degrassitour.com/

13: Whose butt is flashed for the opening theme of Degrassi High?

Jacy Hunter’s butt is flashed. She played Amy on the series

14: Were there anybody who was related in real life on the Degrassi series?

Yes, the director Kit Hood’s mother is Eve Jennings, who co-wrote all of the Kids of Degrassi Street books, along with playing extras in Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. Kathryn Ellis (Degrassi writer and publicist) and Yan Moore (writer for Degrassi) are married, Heather and Erica were twins, Arthur and Dorothy were brother and sister and not cousins, Liz and Rainbow (Cathy and Anna Keenan) are sisters in real life, Susie and Scooter (Sarah and Christopher Charlesworth) are brother and sister in real life.

15: Can you forward an email to my favourite Degrassi star?

Cannot help you there.

16: Rumour has it that there is going to be a new Degrassi?

Degrassi: The Next Generation was on the air from October 14th, 2001 and ran for 14 seasons and then 4 additional “mini” seasons on Netflix, ending on June 30, 2017.

17: Is this site official?

No. This site is non profit and it is done purely as a hobby.  

18: Have you ever met any of the cast/crew?

I have met Linda Schuyler, Yan Moore, Stephen Stohn, Pat Mastroianni, Byrd Dickens, Cathy and Anna Keenan, Darrin Brown, Michelle Goodeve, Stacie Mistysyn’s mother and brother (Laurie and Cory Mistysyn), Roger Montgomery, and Daniel Woods.

19: Is Neil Hope (Wheels) or any other cast members dead?

Neil Hope passed away. Read about it here

20: What editor do you use for making your nifty web pages in the late 1990’s

I used Microsoft Notepad in the late 1990’s. I used Microsoft Front Page in the early 2000’s. In the early 2000’s, I used a home-made archaic content management system. As of 2017, I migrated all the content to WordPress since it’s much easier to manage.

21: Who did not appear in School’s Out?

The characters that were not in School’s Out were: Arthur, Dorothy, Rainbow, Maya, Melanie, Max, Scooter, Bart, Scott, Kathleen, Trish, Diana, Liz, Tabi, Joanne, Nick were in the background at the wedding. The twins were in the film briefly as well as Nancy.

22. Do you have the lyrics for the songs from Degrassi?

YES, check out the lyrics link.