Sophie Minds The Store

Called away from her afterschool post at the family store, Sophie reluctantly leaves her friend Chuck in charge for a few minutes. Later, she discovers that $20 is missing from the cash register. Certain that she would not make a mistake, she accuses Chuck. But a math error reveals that Sophie’s trust in Chuck wasn’t…

Lisa Makes the Headlines

Lisa’s newspaper isn’t selling very well. A good scoop would help, but nothing exciting ever happens on the block…until Ida is robbed. Lisa’s investigations uncover evidence that points to her brother Noel, as the guilty party.

Noel Buys a Suit

Everything in Noel’s life was fine until his dad decided to remarry. It isn’t that Noel doesn’t want a stepmother, it’s just that Gayle seems to be changing everything. And what right does she have to tell him what to wear for the wedding? Soon, Noel is able to see that Gayle has feelings too,…

Irene Moves In

When 8-yr. old Irene moves to Degrassi Street, Ida decides she doesn’t like her and becomes jealous when her pal, Cookie, befriends the new girl. But a harrowing adventure with “Big Foot” finally makes Ida realize that friendship is better than having enemies.

Cookie goes to the hospital

Ida and Noel’s loyalty is put to the test when their clubmate and sworn bloodsister, Cookie, is taken to the hospital with appendicitis. Thanks to a concerned young nurse, they overcome their fear of hospitals and are able to bend hospital rules that don’t allow visitors under the age of 12 to bring Cookie her…

Ida Makes a Movie

9-yr. old Ida Lucas makes a movie about garbage and enters it into a festival. The film is accepted as one of the finalists, but the sponsors think the film is about war. Ida has a dilemma…should she tell them the film is about garbage?