Degrassi World Fan Fiction


What is Degrassi World?

Degrassi World Fan Fiction allows fans to write new episodes that will allow the characters to grow up, just like WE DID. It will also allow a new generation of teenagers to experience Degrassi. Through
fan fiction we can live out our dreams of what could have and should have
happened on the show.

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Mandate of Degrassi World Fan Fiction:

Who can contribute?

Writers can contribute stories under the following Categories:

Degrassi University–All the characters magically attend the same University. Topics include dorm life, first jobs, internships, frat parties.

Degrassi the Lost Episodes–Fill in the missing year between “The Last Dance” and “School’s Out”. You can also write sequels or variations of existing episodes. Snake and Melanie can finally hook up. Voula returns to Degrassi and resumes her friendship with Lucy.

Degrassi Reunion–The characters are now ten years older. They reunite occasionally for reunions, alumni gathers, homecoming games, PTA meetings, etc.. Some of the characters are now teachers at DJH and DH.

Degrassi: The Next Generation–The Degrassi Gang’s children (such as Emma) are now attending DJH and DH. You can also invent new characters that reflect the old characters. For instance “Rim Shot” could be the new “BLT”. The new class will battle the same problems but in an updated way.

Degrassi Couples–romantic relationships from any time period. You can match two existing characters or invent new boyfriends/girlfriends. This also includes engagements and weddings.

Degrassi Kids-new episodes of “the Kids of Degrassi Street”. You can incorporate the junior and high school students even if they didn’t exist in
the real series.

Degrassi Fantasy–the characters get to experience their wildest dreams. The Zits get a record contract. Caitlin invents a cure for epilepsy.
Arthur becomes a gorgeous hunk.

Degrassi’s Neglected Characters–This category highlights the “underrepresented” and “disappearing” characters such as Susie, Stephanie Kaye, Trudi, Jyoti, Dorothy, Amy, Allison, Vicki, Casey, Alex, Nancy, Trish, Max, Rick, Voula, Tim, Luke, & Shane.

Degrassi Criticisms, Tributes, and Inconsistencies– Instead of a story, you can write a critical analysis or character tribute (songs, poems, fan letters). You can also write additional versus to “Everybody Wants Something”.
You can point some technical BLOOPERS or INCONSISTENCIES that you’ve spotted on the show (script mistakes, inconsistencies with props and locations). Or do a cliques analysis (the nerds, the cool kids, the slackers). Or give a beauty makeover to the fashionably challenged


Degrassi World Fan Fiction must be consistent with the established Degrassi theme and style. Be moral and uplifting. You can touch controversial topics but keep it tame. Sexual descriptions need to be “PG-13” rated. No profanity. No racist or prejudice comments, obviously. This forum is only for Degrassi, do not submit stories for 90210 or Spice Girls.


Who can contribute to Degrassi World Fan Fiction?.

Anyone can contribute their fan fiction. It will appear at the end of the issue of Degrassi Digest. There is no length requirement. Be creative, write about the original Degrassi TV series, write about the new TV series. Email your fan fiction, in PLAIN text or HTML to

Credits: Degrassi World Fan Fiction was initiated by Natalie Earl.
Editor of Degrassi World Fan Fiction: Mark Aaron Polger