Kids of Degrassi Street


The Kids of Degrassi Street, 1979-1985- first aired Wed Sept 12, 1979 at 4:30 pm (Ida Makes a Movie).  The Kids of Degrassi Street began as a series in 1980 until 1985. It was filmed around the streets of Degrassi Street and Queen Street East in Toronto, Ontario. 26 episodes cover the elementary school years. The series stands apart from the other Degrassi series because all characters were changed their names. The series was set around the elementary school which was located one block away from the Degrassi Grocery. All the children lived on Degrassi Street and went to the common school. From the time the series began there were two groups of characters, a small portion of them were older, lke Noel, Catherine, Chuck, Tina, Sophie.   The younger characters, like Lisa, Griff, Rachel, Connie, Martin, Samantha, Pete, and Casey. Most of the younger characters stayed until the end of the series and were old enough to start junior high. When the producers created Degrassi Junior High, one rumour was that KODS castmates had to “re-audition” to get a part on the show. Another rumour was that the producers kept the same actors, and hired a few new ones. Their characters would change names, and some of them kept the same character traits.