Martin Hears The Music

Martin is embarrassed at having to wear a
hearing aid. When he refuses to use it during a rehearsal for the school show, Rachel
becomes furious and walks out. The other children’s concern for Martin leads to a honest
exchange which clears up his fears of being treated with pity instead of friendship.
Rachel becomes concerned with her weight when the dress she wants to wear to the Talent
Show is too small, and she takes a crash diet, which leaves her moody. She gets frustrated
at Martin for not wearing his hearing aid and calls him “deaf” and
“dumb”. Ironically, it is Martin’s mother, a nutritionist, who makes Rachel see
how foolish she has been trying the diet. Eventually, Martin and Rachel forgive each
other, and the Show is a success, with Rachel singing a about the fact that it is alright
to be different. The song now has an upbeat ending that Martin, too, can appreciate.


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