S#1- The Experiment

3. The
– Topics For
Discussion: Stereotyping, Cheating, Drugs

Yick tries to improve his grades by
turning in old term papers that had been written by Arthur’s
sister, Stephanie Kaye. At first Yick really gets higher grades,
and thinks that he has proved that Mr. Raditch stereotyped him,
since even his new grades are different than Stephanie’s although
the grades were given for the same paper. Eventually Mr. Raditch
exposes Yick’s cheating , and both Arthur and Yick are in
trouble. Joey sells “drugs” to Melanie and Kathleen,
telling them they will “get high,” though the drugs
aren’t really drugs. A few other kids join the buyers group and
Joey thinks he has found an easy way to earn money by selling
simple vitamins. Melanie and Kathleen overhear Joey’s
conversation with Steph that the “drugs” are just


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