S#4: A New Start Part 1

1. A New Start Part 1

Topics of Discussion : Pregnancy, Change

The kids are back to school in a new building. Erica had her
first “serious” boyfriend, and think she may be pregnant after a night of unsafe
sex with her boyfriend Aaron. Spike’s daughter, Emma goes to daycare in the same building as
Degrassi high. The Degrassi gang are both fearful of initiation, and they do not know what
to expect out of the older bullys like Dwayne, Tabi, and Nick. Joey and Caitlin are still
going out but his priorities are the promotion of his band, The Zite Remedy, (which this
season will have a new name called The Zits)

One comment: If Tessa, Bart, and Dorothy are in grade 8 now, then why are in all of the
grade 9 classes, like Caitlin, Joey, Alex, Scooter, Melanie, Kathleen, and Diana….This
makes no sense…


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