S#4- Little White Lies

8.Little White Lies

Joey, Snake and Wheels plan a night of debauchery at the local
strip joint, but things don’t go the way they expected. Apparently they don’t have enough
money, so after losing the “odd man out” twice, Joey is out while Snake and
Wheels are in. A prostitute picks up on Joey, but he runs away saying:” I got
homework”. Wheels and Snake are kicked out of the club after their money is over, but
it doesn’t prevent them from telling Joey next morning, about the “hot stuff”
they saw.

A Note For All Fans: Joey makes a comment when he puts the Zits Video on a community channel.
Wheels and Snake says that no one will watch the show, and Joey replies, “What are
people going to watch on TV on Monday at 8:30pm?” This is a local inside joke for
Canadian Degrassi fans, because the show was aired on CBC on Mondays at 8:30pm

Diana and Melanie want to change their nerdy image by planning a
party. They invite many people but their real interests are Yick and Luke. Diana is
grounded since she has been caught smoking, but nevertheless, she sneaks out of her house
and gets to Melanie’s party. Unfortunately, Yick and Luke are more interested in video
games than in the party. The girls are disappointed, Melanie opens an uzo bottle, Diana is
smoking, but her brother suddenly appears and spoils all her plans.

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