6200 Somerled Ave

See also NDG, Italian

I’ve been going to B&M since I was a kid, when it was on the corner of Monkland near Draper in the charming heart of NDG. They have always been serving wonderful hearty Italian dishes at affordable prices. I always tried every pasta and pizza and I loved it. Portions are big and they also have a liquor license.

We still go, but it has recently moved to the corner of Somerled and Grand. There is also a small location at 5800 Sherbrooke near Melrose, where they do take-out and delivery. The telephone number for the take-out and delivery place on Sherbrooke is their old number: 514.484.3717

Prices are always affordable, menu is too large (10 pages of Greek and Italian dishes – steak, fish, chicken, pasta, and a HUGE pizza menu) with many vegetarian options. Decor is very cosy, homey, family owned, and a lot of the food is “comfort food”. Whenever my New York city family comes for a visit, we always go to B&M. The last time we went my mum and sister ordered the grilled chicken with a cream and wine sauce. My aunt and uncle ordered the grilled chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and other veggies. I ordered the vegetarian parmiagianna (eggplant parmigianna without the tomato sauce)- what a disappointment. Daily table d’hote specials are between $12.95-$15.95 and includes coffee, soup, and dessert.

When I was growing up in Montreal, we went to B&M on a weekly basis. My sister and I used to call it Barf and Marmelade (as a joke) but it had no reflection whatsoever on the freshness, flavour, and service that this classic NDG restaurant offered. Accepts all cards.

Reviewed by Mark


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