Liberty Street and View from here : Pair of Canadian series debut

The Record (Waterloo Region)
Entertainment, Wednesday, January 11, 1995, p. D6

Liberty Street and View from here : Pair of Canadian series debut

Bonnie Malleck

Two Canadian series make their debuts tonight — the Gen-X drama Liberty
Street on CBC and View from Here, the TVO documentary series by Canadian

Liberty Street (8:30 p.m. on 3,5, Cable 21,5), from Degrassi producer
Linda Schuyler, looks like Canada’s answer to Melrose Place as it focuses
on 13 twentysomething young people trying to carve their niche in the
world from their vantage point, The Pit, their grungy apartment building
in the industrial sector of the city.

Degrassi alumnus Pat Mastroianni leads the ensemble cast as Frank, an
aspiring songwriter/music-biz power broker. Kimberly Huie is Annie, a
single mom and full-time student and Joel Bissonnette is Mack, a
recovering addict and ex-convict who is turning his life around thanks to
the love of a good woman.

Reiner Schwarz plays the slumlord owner of The Pit and, by definition,
their common enemy.

Tonight’s opener introduces the big cast, their individual stories and
their reaction when the building is sold to a greedy new landlord

View from Here (10 p.m. on 28, Cable 2), a series of point of view
documentaries, opens with Fiction and Other Truths: A Film About Jane
Rule, focusing on the life and work of internationally acclaimed writer,
teacher and philosopher Jane Rule.

The film, by Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman, chronicles Rule’s early
life in the U.S., her move to Canada during the ’50s where she became a
fiercely outspoken, vital force in the west coast artistic community
(Margaret Laurence dubbed her one of North America’s finest authors). It
also reports on her continuing devotion to her life-long partner, Helen
Sonthoff, herself a teacher, thinker and lover of poetry, and the success
and impact of Rule’s novels, short stories and essays, ranging in subject
from relationships and sexual love, especially among women lovers, to
literary criticism.

There are also excerpts from some of her best-known works, including her
first novel, The Desert of the Heart.

Other watchables:

CBC has also picked up the heavily edited version of HBO’s raunchy hit-com
Dream On, starring Brian Benben as newly divorced editor Martin Tupper
who, despite a very active sex life with a slew of willing women, is still
in love with his ex-wife (Wendie Malick), 9 p.m. on 5, Cable 5.

The just-hatched-from-the-egg WB Television Network kicks off three
comedies tonight on Chicago’s WGN, Cable 48. The Wayans Bros. looks at the
the antics of Keenen’s younger brothers Shawn and Marlon (8 p.m.).
Unhappily Ever After, from the creator of Married … With Children,
centres on a dysfunctional family coping with divorce. Geoff Pierson (who
also plays Brett Butler’s ex on Grace Under Fire), Stephanie Hodge, Kevin
Connolly and Bobcat Goldthwait star (8:30). And Muscle, the soap-com
focuses on the members, both in shape and otherwise, hanging out at a
Manhattan fitness club (9 p.m.).

On last Saturday’s Larry King Weekend vintage comedy fans had a treat that
was better even than rocky road cheesecake when comedy geniuses Sid
Caesar, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks spent an hour talking about life on the
set of the ’50s comedy Your Show of Shows.

They also performed some of their trademark shtick and caterwauled their
version of an aria by the Three Tenors. Caesar turns up again on tonight’s
Love and War, playing Jack Stein’s dad (9:30 p.m. on 4, Cable 15).

New Canadian channels:

Women’s Television Network (Cable 27) has the second outing for On Your
Mark, a series focusing on women athletes and coaches. Tonight’s episode
looks at Julie Krone, the first female jockey to win the Belmont Stakes,
and Edie Tarves, an equestrian three-day eventer with each discussing the
risks, thrills and spills of her respective sport (8:30 p.m.).

At 10 WTN has the first episode in the 13-part series Lillie, on the life
and times of the controversial performer Lillie Langtry.

Discovery Channel (Cable 33) airs the series CyberWars which asks viewers
to select one of five pilot shows to become a weekly series on the
network. Tonight’s offering is Binary Groove looking at latest trends and
developments in the computer field (8 p.m.)

On Future File, panelists debate the controversial theory that
intelligence is hereditary (10:30 p.m.)

Showcase (Cable 39) has the 1989 comedy Checking Out, starring Jeff
Daniels as a raving hypochrondriac (11 p.m.).

Bravo! (Cable 40) offers the 1979 Canadian ghost story The Changeling,
starring George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere (8:30 p.m.)

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