Amelio's Pizza

201 Rue Milton
Montreal QC H2X 1V5
See also McGill Ghetto, Italian

A hidden gem tucked away in the basement in the heart of the McGill Ghetto, in downtown Montreal. I have been there several times with my parents in the early and mid 1990’s and have always enjoyed the pasta dishes. I have thoroughly enjoyed the gnocchi with spicy tomato sauce (arabiata) or the veggie lasagna or the vegetarian pizza. Known as the best pizza in Montreal, Amelio’s makes thick crust with thick cheese, and hearty sauce. Amelio’s also serves up a selection of hearty pasta dishes serves with a basket of fresh Italian bread.

The vegetarian pizza, in particular, is amazing. It has chunks of vegetables (mushrooms, zucchini, onions, and artichoke hearts) with a thick, rich pizza sauce. The pizza sauce at Amelio’s is special because there are sauteed vegetables cooked right into the sauce, so this makes the dish double in vegetables.

With dim lighting and exposed brick wall this small dining hall is homey and casual. Looks like it’s a family run business, with a strong local clientele, and many students enjoying the affordable Italian fare. Amelio’s is available for prompt and reliable delivery, and the pizzas arrive fresh and hot.

Reviewed by Mark


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