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Nickel’s used to be a 50’s type diner, part owned by none other than Celine Dion (i.e. the tacky queen of pop) It used to be a classic diner with Elvis Presley posters, Marilyn Monroe, Celine Dion, 50’s icons, and other 50’s paraphernalia (like Planet Hollywood). Resembled closely to Lime Rickey’s in Ontario.

It was the home to Montreal’s famous smoked meat sandwiches (I’m sure Ms. Dion never ate them) and to extra large pieces of chocolate cake and vanilla cheesecake with strawberries (I’m sure she never ate them either)

Conveniently located throughout the downtown core of Montreal, the suburbs, the south shore of Montreal, throughout Quebec and now in South Florida, this 50’s style diner serves a variety of items. The menu used to be like a deli, with unhealthy diner food. However, over the past few years, since Dion withdrew ownership, Nickels have become shee shee poo poo, resembling the likes of Baton Rouge. Always known for its large breakfasts, lunch, and unhealthy burgers, fries, smoked meat, and other unhealthy dishes, Nickels recently made a comeback and introduced a new healthier menu with many vegetarian selections, and a large selection of healthy items (grilled chicken, fish, salads, desserts, crepes, beef, steak, etc.)

The place used to be kitschy and tacky (like Ms. Dion.) but not anymore.

The best part of eating at Nickels’ is that refills are free [(used to be 5 cents]. There used to be a time when you could buy one smoked meat sandwich and get the second one for a Nickel but I think that offer has been discontinued. Accepts all cards. Open late.

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