Got it down Pat: Ottawa memories linger as Degrassi alumnus hits L.A.

Got it down Pat

Ottawa memories linger as Degrassi alumnus hits L.A.


TV Critic

When Degrassi alumnus Pat Mastroianni decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue the big time, he had to squeeze in one last trip to Ottawa.

Before committing himself to life in California, Mastroianni, last seen in CBC’s Liberty Street, hit town this past Canada Day for one last Capital fix.

“I had the best time,” he recalls of his three-day stay, on the phone from his L.A. apartment.
The 24-year-old actor got to know Ottawa while hosting the last two seasons of Music Works, a locally produced CBC series highlighting Canadian bands.

“I fell in love with the city of Ottawa.
“I made so many friends there. Adele (Cardamone, the show’s producer) would laugh at me because she was, like: `Pat, you work ’til 10 o’clock at night and then you party till two o’clock in the morning and then you come into work and you’re totally fine. How do you do it?'”

Like his Music Works predecessor — Alanis Morissette hosted the first season of the show — Mastroianni is ready to forgo his Canadian fame for relative anonymity.
“Canada gave me everything she could for 10 years. I am so lucky that I worked for 10 years consistently. Nobody down here has had that kind of opportunity.”
He says he’s “cultivating the land” for the February U.S. television pilot season.
“Right now where I am in my career I needed to expand as an actor and as a person. And L.A. seemed like the best place to go.”

If anything, Mastroianni sees his lifestyle change in a romantic light.
“I’m living the life right now that I’ll be talking about with my friends: `Hey, remember when we all slept on the floor in this little cockroach-infested place …’ “

No matter what happens, Mastroianni will jump at the chance to come back to Ottawa.
“I basically have worked my schedule around (Cardamone) and Music Works. Now that I’m here I have to make sure I’m back for Music Works.”

A longtime music fan, Mastroianni admits to learning a thing or two about the scene through his connection with the show.

“I enjoy music but I didn’t realize how ignorant I was of the Canadian music industry. One of the positive things for me that the show has done is increase my knowledge of Canadian artists.
“There’s so much talent here and we don’t get the opportunity to see it. That’s why we need a show like Music Works. Ear To The Ground (also on CBC) doesn’t exist anymore. And I don’t think people in my age range watch Rita MacNeil. I’m sure it’s a very good show but I don’t even watch it.”


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