Degrassi Zine Review

Degrassi Zine

Degrassi Zine Review

  • zine
  • 28 pages
  • no known publisher
  • main creators: Jenn and Joanne
  • 2 stamps
  • 4 Baraniuk Street, St. Catharines, ON, L2N 1N5 Canada

Being exactly what the title implies – Ode to Degrassi. Long Live Degrassi. Bring back Degrassi.
Who did you love most on Degrassi? – only an ode to the Beachcombers could be more
Canadian, more earnest. And actually, if you loved Degrassi, this thing probably rules. How
about trivia: “What was the name of the band Wheels’ biological father played in?” Or a
testimonial: “…my vocabulary was increasing, my Degrassi memories updated, and I was
forcing myself to think in French.” Add that to the sightings and speculation galore and what we
have here folks is truly a fanzine.

Reviewed Summer/Fall 1996 (Issue 3)

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