Maharaja, Buffet

1481 Ren-Lvesque blvd. west
(514) 934-0655
See also Indian, Shaughnassey Village

It is proud to be the largest indian buffet in North America but the food is gross. Trust me, I know Indian food. It is also known as an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet with many vegetarian options. This is good news for me. The ambiance is not bad, though. Nice, comfortable decor, can be crowded on the weekends and weeknights with hoards of people. It is located right at Rene Levesque and Guy in a nice old greystone home on the second floor. There is a gorgeous back terrace that is just splendid in the summer.

The food, unfortunately is awful. It’s cold and clammy, oily, greasy, and each time I’ve been there, it did not taste very fresh. Yes, there is a lot of selections and many vegetarian options, but unfortunately, since it was prepared “en mass” quantities, it lacks in quality.

Reviewed by Mark

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