Chez Cora/Cora's

Many locations across Canada – check out

See also Snowdon, Plateau, Downtown, Breakfast/Brunch

Yes, I am reviewing a chain restaurant, but this one’s really good and they are slowly opening up more across Canada. Originally from the province of Quebec, this place offers an extensive breakfast menu in additional to their regular fare, but most people come for breakfast.

Brightly coloured in oranges and yellows, and the popular “Cora” icon (that being a sun) makes this bright and cheerful. For grouchy people, it is the perfect place. Inside, everything is so lively and brightly coloured, there is a fine line between being tacky and tasteful and Chez Cora is careful not to be tacky with its colour scheme.

There is a large selection of breakfast items offered on the menu, which fills four large pages. There are many items, and there are many healthy selections, vegetarian items, and some traditional items like eggs, omeletes, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and pancakes with maple syrup. Chez Cora is fun for kids as the menu has many colourful illustrations that can definitely distract kids and there are so many items, it may be difficult to choose. Portions are generous and prices are affordable. They accept every card.

Reviewed by Mark


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