Stalking the Kids of Degrassi Street- From March 99 Issue of Shift Magazine

Stalking the Kids on Degrassi Street-From March 99 Issue of Shift Magazine

Stalking the Kids on Degrassi Street-From March 99 Issue of Shift

    Webmaster: Sharon Mulholland

Sharon Mulholland doesn’t want to stalk Joey Jeremiah any more. Since 1996, the
twenty-three-year-old Toronto physics major has run a website called Degrassi Update, which
features Degrassi Junior High cast sightings. Although Mulholland is tired of them,
the kids of Degrassi, people keep sending her reports of sightings and she keeps posting
them. You see, the Degrassi kids are not merely characters from a TV show; they are
the trashy subconscious of a generation. They will always be winning battles against
eating disorders (after the intervention of a caring guidance counsellor) and dating, then
dumping, abusive boyfriends (see said guidance counsellor). Here’s a peek inside the mind
of someone forever doomed to keeping tabs on Degrassi’s progeny.

Written by: Leah Rumack

“Steven saw Stephanie chain-smoking on the shuttle bus to Mariposa, and Rob saw
Joey in Vancouver sitting by himself playing with a video camera.” Why? Why why would
you do a Degrassi update site?

Everybody has a Degrassi story, especially in Toronto. But the
only characters I’ve ever seen are Lucy and Dwayne. I don’t have that many stories of my
own. I was bitter. I needed to live vicariously through others.

But why Degrassi?

It has this weirdo worldwide appeal. There’s, like, two Degrassi websites
based in Israel. I get emails from forty-year-olds in Australia saying they that they love
the show. and this guy from Russia writes me, like, once a month asking for Caitlin’s
email address.

Do the Degrassi kids themselves visit your site?

Dorothy [short, red hair, Arthur’s cousin] sent me a rambling email. I
think she was drunk when she wrote it. She wanted me to know that her turn-ons included
walking on beaches, stuffed animals and Chinese food. Dwayne [bully, eventually got AIDS)
emailed to say that, contrary to what I had posted previously, he was not short but
vertically challenged.


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