That's the Trick: Indie film could see Neve's brother grabbing the limelight

That’s the Trick
Indie film could see Neve’s brother grabbing the limelight
By LOUIS B. HOBSON — Calgary Sun
HOLLYWOOD — Things are finally beginning to click for Christian Campbell.

Until recently, Christian was better know for being scream queen Neve Campbell’s big brother than for any of his own film or TV roles.

He had recurring roles on Malibu Shores and Tek War and starred opposite Ann-Margret in the NBC thriller Seduced by Madness, but in Tinseltown he was just another struggling actor who auditioned more than he worked.

When he did work, Campbell worked for peanuts, but now it looks as if that peanut harvest is coming in.

Campbell is the star of the independent gay film Trick, in which he plays a struggling musical theatre writer on a disastrous one-night stand.

The picture has received such glowing reviews that it is getting a much wider release than most gay films.

It is already playing in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton is scheduled to open in Calgary in September.

If Trick actually turns out to be The Blair Witch Project of gay romantic comedies (it grossed $20,000 US per screen on its opening weekend), Campbell and fellow actors Tori Spelling, J.P. Pitoc and Steve Hayes will finally get paid more than the per diems they worked for.

It doesn’t stop there.

Campbell is also the star of the camp musical Reefer Madness, which has taken L.A. by storm.

“We’re selling out every performance and all the big theatre producers from New York have been in to see us. There is talk of taking us to an off-Broadway theatre for an indefinite run,” says Campbell, who is working the phones to promote Trick in his native Canada.

Reefer Madness is being compared to The Rocky Horror Show and there is already talk of a feature film version.

“It all sounds great on paper, but the irony is I’m actually scrambling to get my rent money together for the end of the month.

“Reefer Madness is a volunteer production, so the actors share what’s left after expenses each week.”


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