I've discovered eBay.

ordinary ups + downs: 04/11/00

cast of Degrassi Jr High

I’ve discovered

Yeah yeah, I know I’m a little late, but I could never
think of a reason for visiting the site before yesterday when I read
about the Degrassi Jr. High auction. And then I followed the link. To
eBay. The rest, as they say, is history.

I’d be very surprised if
any of you are familiar with the Degrassi tv series. It was a low budget
Canadian show, filmed around Toronto, that started in the mid-80s and
petered out in the early 90s. The show featured the typical ups and
downs of kids attending Degrassi Jr. High and then Degrassi High. The
kids were hardly glamourous, and I suspect not one went on to a thriving
career in Hollywood; however, I loved the show. I still love it, and
catch the reruns whenever I can. In short, the Degrassi series makes me
insanely happy and I honestly couldn’t begin to explain why.

to eBay. So, I’m waiting to bid on a Degrassi Jr. High poster that Pat
Mastroianni, who played Joey Jeremiah on the show, is selling. The
bidding started at $9.99 and it’s currently at $36.00 with four days to
go. My plan is to wait until the very last minute before I sneak in my
bid and win the auction! Okay, so I doubt I am the only one with this
plan. And, with four days of bidding left, I may not be able to justify
the price.

Also at eBay, I just happened to place bids on an
awesome Kliban poster, an autographed 8 x 10 photo of Vince and Shane
McMahon, a copy of one of my favourite movies, My American
, a Buffalo ’66 t-shirt with Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci
on the front, a copy of another favourite movie, Reckless
starring Daryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn and a dirt cheap Bridges of
Madison Country
soundtrack CD. I’m only watching the Vince
Vaughn publicity photo and I just said no to those damn Lonely Planet
Survival books. Now if I can just stop searching for more

It’s a weird feeling watching a mosquito attempt
to suck blood through your sweatshirt while there’s an inch of snow on
the ground. Winter. Will it ever end?

I’ve been really busy. Between HTML and taxes,
I’ve seen enough of this monitor in the last two weeks to last a
lifetime. Of course, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few books (read Sarah
Shankman’s Digging
Up Momma
if you’re into quirky mysteries and Bret Easton Ellis’
if you have a somewhat morbid fascination with his
writing like I do) and watch a few movies (rent The Big Hit for lots of
action and the kind of laughing that causes serious stomach cramping and
Message in a
if you’re in the mood to bawl [ignore Kevin Costner] and
The Bone Collector if you need a cure for insomnia and Silver Wolf for the
simple reason that the animal star does not die hideously at the

This entry’s gonna win me some big old awards. I can feel



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