Degrassi star to host new Sportsnet Motorsports series.


Degrassi star to host new Sportsnet Motorsports series.

Max Event Management Group Inc. and former Degrassi cast member
turned producer/Dan Woods, are please to announce the premier of a
new high energy youth television series that profiles young
Motorsports athletes with a need for speed! Maximum Speed is a new
half-hour series premiering nationally this September on CTV
Sportsnet. The series profiles Motorsports next generation of stars
intermixed with advice and insight from today’s veterans and

The series host is Canadian TV star Pat Mastroianni, is a Gemini
award winner known to millions of young viewers around the world for
his role as Joey Jeremiah, in the Emmy award winning CBC & PBS
Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High series. Pat has since starred
in numerous television series and movies including the popular
Liberty Street series. In every episode Pat introduces viewers to
three of the hottest young competitors from various motorsports.
Everyone an extreme athlete on their way to the stars! We’ll meet
young athletes that compete in Karting, Motocross, Jr. Dragsters,
CASCAR Jr., Snowcross, and more.

The Maximum Speed production team attends some of the most
prestigious races an amateur can participate in. We meet with the
winners on the track and in the pits to find out how they do it week
in and week out. We’ll meet the friends and families of these
“next-gen” stars to get insight on how the passion started, what it
takes to keep it going, and how it effects their everyday lives. We’ll
see them in competition today and when they started with home videos,
movies, photos, and newspaper clips.
In addition to profiling exciting “next gen.” athletes,

Maximum Speed
will also introduce viewers to some of the biggest names in
professional motorsports during the Mentor Moment. Each week the
audience will discover how the stars of yesterday and today made it
to the pros. Stars like Paul Tracy, Travis Pastrana, Ricky
Carmicheal, Blair Morgan, former Ferrari team driver Bob Bondurant,
and more, candidly talking about what it takes to become a star in
motorsports. They’ll give their insight to young viewers on the
method of climbing the ladder to success. They discuss both the highs
and lows you will encounter when you try for the brass ring.
Another highlight of the series is insightful technical advice
provided by experts during our Tech Tip feature. Hosted by various
personalities that include drivers, riders, pros, amateurs,
designers, manufactures, and even journalists providing insight to
fans and competitors. Want to know how to make an engine go faster?
We’ll hear the answer from pros who know! Like to know where the
best place to pass on a Supercross track is? Canadian Motocross
champion Jean Sebastian Roy will tell you! Subjects will include
cutting down on pre-race inspection problems, changing equipment for
course environments, safety equipment, and more.

Maximum Speed is an exciting, fast-paced series focusing on
lifestyle, sacrifices, inside tricks and tips, and the personalities
to watch for over the next few years on the hills, tracks and drifts
in competitive Motorsports.

This is the series for those who know there’s more to
sports than
sticks and balls!


For more information contact Dan Woods at: (905) 420-5692


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