CTV Press Release

CTV proudly presents this new 15-part dramatic sequel to the popular Degrassi
series of the 1980s -from the same producer of The Kids of Degrassi Street,
Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High.

It’s a brave new world as Degrassi: The Next Generation introduces a whole new
generation going through the trials and tribulations of adolescence in the year

It’s been a decade since the gang at “Degrassi High” left to embark on the next
chapters of their lives. Naturally, it’s time for their 10th anniversary high
school reunion and that’s the premise and the perfect launching point for
Degrassi: The Next Generation. Joey (Pat Mastroianni), Caitlin (Stacie
Mistysyn), Snake (Stefan Brogren) and Lucy (Anais Granofsky) return for a
one-hour special, to kick-off the series. Returning to Degrassi for their
10-year reunion, they are reunited with Spike (Amanda Stepto) and other alumni
who have descended on the school from all points of the world. The special also
re-introduces viewers to Spike’s daughter, Emma (Miriam McDonald). Now 12 years
old, Emma is entering a new phase in her life: Grade seven and Junior High, at
the newly refurbished Degrassi Community School.


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