Join class at Degrassi

Join class at Degrassi:[Final Edition]
The Gazette. Montreal, Quebec: Jun 22, 2002. pg. F.7

Degrassi: The Next Generation ( The Web site for the venerable teen show – now in its fourth incarnation, by my count – has been a smashing success, with more than 50,000 fans worldwide already enrolled in the “virtual school.”

Members – it’s free to register – get access to behind-the- scenes stories and photos from the current edition of the show, as well as its predecessors. If you want to know what Joey, Snake, Caitlin, Wheels et al have been up to in recent years, this is the place to go.

The site is set up like that of an actual school, complete with yearbook photos, the school newspaper and even a message from Principal Raditch.

It’s a fun companion to Degrassi: The Next Generation and an excellent primer on the whole franchise, as well as the Web meeting ground for Degrassi fans, who are among the most ardent devotees of any television show.


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