Back in class, and loving it : New Dundee teen returns for season 2 of Degrassi: The NextGeneration

Back in class, and loving it | The

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in class, and loving it
Dundee teen returns for 2nd season of Degrassi: The Next Generation

September 28, 2002

Christina Schmidt of
New Dundee plays Terri MacGregor in Degrassi: The Next
Degrassi: The Next
Generation begins its second season tomorrow night on CTV. Christina
Schmidt of New Dundee (fourth from left) plays Terri MacGregor in the
popular series. In addition to Canada, the show is being broadcast in
the United States, Australia, France, Latin America and

For Christina Schmidt every
single day is exciting, a new experience.

You see, the 15 year old New Dundee actress has what she calls her “dream
job,” acting on the weekly Canadian television series Degrassi: The Next

Tomorrow, the show’s second-season premiere airs on CTV, and the its
writers are once again breaking new ground, tackling some intense teen issues
while balancing the heavier scripts with lighter moments about dating, puberty
and friendships.

Christina plays Terri MacGregor in the series, a character who is
self-conscious, trying to find her way among the popular kids. Her reviews
have been full of praise, with Degrassi executive producer Steven Stohn
saying, “Christina has thrived in the show, blossoming into an excellent

Director Laurie Lynd says she “has strong presence and a real personal
charm that shows on camera.”

Christina’s dedicated to making it as an actress and, as in most success
stories, her road to television has been paved with hard work and sacrifices.

Every week since May, she has travelled to Toronto with her mother, Lynda,
for a few days at a time, to act in Degrassi. School assignments are completed
at her school, Waterloo Oxford Secondary, or on set with the help of a tutor.
Acting and music lessons are somehow managed and despite the juggling act, mom
says she “wouldn’t change a thing,” especially since it has made such a
difference in Christina’s outlook.

“It’s built her self-confidence, and she now knows she can rise to any
challenge when any scripts comes her way,” says Lynda Schmidt.

The scripts have indeed been challenging, with some sensitive themes being
explored. Last year it was bullying, drinking and Internet stalking story
lines. This season begins with a one-hour episode about the brutality of child

One of Degrassi’s directors, Laurie Lynd, calls them “brave story lines
with some intense dramatic moments.”

Executive producers Lynda Schuyler and Steven Stohn want the show to have a
strong moral base without being preachy, and inject humour periodically. Their
sense of responsibility to their target audience, mostly teens and parents,
drives them, and they have been stunned by the feedback. Degrassi:The Next
Generation is now seen not only in Canada, but in the United States,
Australia, France, Latin America and Indonesia.


It’s billed as an interactive show, and it’s Web site, can be accessed in
timed relation to the airing of the shows. Users can log on and become active
participants by interacting with the Degrassi characters online.

There’s also a place where kids can find out how to get help and
professional advice on problems they may be experiencing personally.

Since the site launched last year, over 75,000 Canadian fans have
registered on line as “virtual students.”

That feedback is rewarding, but Stohn says the reaction he loves most is
when he hears someone say, “I watched your show with my son/daughter, and
afterwards we had a conversation about one of the issues whether it’s sex,
drugs,drinking or whatever. Parents and kids having a conversation about
something that important is the best possible response we could ask for.”

Kitchener-Waterloo Record 2000
225 Fairway Road
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2G


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