Degrassi wedding a bridge between old and new

Noelle Paredes,

Updated: Fri. Jan. 3 2003 6:52 PM ET

The much-anticipated episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation is about to resolve years of romantic tension spanning more than a decade.

Snake Simpson, once the tall and lanky guitar player of the Zit Remedy, is about to get married to Spike Nelson, who was the spiky-haired teen mom in Degrassi High.

In an interview with CTV’s Canada AM, Stefan Brogren and Amanda Stepto talked about their characters and the relationship that has eluded the young couple since meeting in junior high and flirting in high school.

“We’ve always been in the same class,” said Stepto, who plays Spike. “And Spike had a crush on Snake and finally got the courage to ask him out one day and he said yes.”

The date was for the prom, but, like all intriguing relationships, another character got in the way. Upon overhearing Snake tell another girl that he liked her, Spike broke the date.

Now, more than a decade later, fans of the old and new Degrassi shows, will find out if Snake, now a teacher at Degrassi Community School, and Spike, a hairdresser, will finally walk down the aisle. (The episode airs Sunday night on CTV: check local listings.)

Here’s a look back on Snake and Spike, two of the characters who’ve made the Canadian teen drama a phenomenal success.

Christine “Spike” Nelson

One of the main characters of the Degrassi series, Spike was the blonde, spiky-haired teen that got pregnant after having sex for the first time with a boy named Shane.

After learning she was pregnant, Spike had difficulties dealing with her pregnancy. The parent-teacher association wanted her expelled, for she was seen as setting a bad example in school.

And when her child, Emma, was born, the young mother struggled to take care of her baby while finding the time to finish school. Her boyfriend, Shane, became an absent father after getting into drugs and suffering a serious injury.

Archie ‘Snake’ Simpson

The all-around nice guy in school, Snake was a member of the band Zit Remedy, along with Wheels Wheeler and Joey Jeremiah.

The tall, freckle-faced redhead, Snake had always liked different girls. First, he liked a girl named Melanie in junior high, but never went out with her. Then in high school, he developed a crush on a girl named Michelle and eventually the two dated.

In high school, the beginnings of a romantic tension appeared between Snake and his friend Spike.

The two almost went to the prom together, but as it turned out, Snake was only interested in Spike as a friend.


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