Snake and Spike get hitched: Surprise in store as Degrassi favourites head for the altar

Snake and Spike get hitched: Surprise in store as Degrassi favourites head for the altar:[Final Edition]
Liane Faulder, Journal Television Writer. Edmonton Journal.

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Fans of Degrassi: The Next Generation rejoice tonight as two longtime characters on the series prepare to marry. Degrassi favourites Spike (Amanda Stepto) and Snake, a.k.a. Mr. Simpson (Stefan Brogren) were just friends in the first incarnation of Degrassi Jr. High, the hugely popular and ground-breaking teen drama which debuted in the 1980s.

When the show was reborn on CTV in the fall of 2000, Brogren and Stepto joined the cast again, but this time around they were adults.

Now the two are dating and set to become a blended family, along with Spike’s daughter. Emma (Miriam McDonald) was born when Spike was in junior high school and is now a teenager herself.

But with just hours to go before the ceremony, things begin to go horribly wrong.

“People watching it who are fans of the old show will be feeling quite sentimental about the whole thing,” says Brogren, whose character has evolved from going by the nickname of Snake, to his real name, Archie. “But as far as the younger generation watching the new show, they’re seeing it from Emma’s perspective.

“That’s the great thing about the whole show — two generations can watch it. We’re building new nostalgia for the young kids who will remember when Emma’s mom got married, while the older generation watches Spike getting married.”

Stepto calls the hour-long special a “diving board episode.”

“It definitely opens up a lot of topics that can be explored later on. Especially for Emma, now she has a dad. … It definitely gives Snake and Spike’s characters more depth.”

The episode, titled White Wedding, introduces a surprising shift in Spike and Snake’s relationship, which sends Emma into a tailspin. Brogren says that while many television series go downhill once there’s a wedding, this coupling merely gives Degrassi more options for stories.

“This is just a special episode and there’s tons of room for more adventures,” says Brogren.

White Wedding airs tonight at 7.

According to CTV, Degrassi: The Next Generation is the most- watched Canadian drama series for Canada’s younger viewers (kids 2- 11, teens 12-17 and adults 18-34).


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