Give me back my guns (The Herald Sun )

Give me back my guns

University of Waterloo

Give me back my guns

cyber-stalker Brian Sutcliffe has intensified his campaign to recover 71 guns
police seized in a raid on his Brighton home.

Mr Sutcliffe, the first Australian to be charged with
long-distance stalking, also wants his shooter’s licence restored.

He has now taken his fight to the Victorian
Civil and Administrative Tribunal. A hearing has been set down for May 20.

Mr Sutcliffe, 40, sent a toy koala in an
ammunition box to Sara Ballingall, a Canadian TV star he is accused of

His six-year obsession included setting up an
Internet page devoted to the series, with references to Ballingall, writing
almost daily to a web chat-room about Degrassi and sending daily e-mails
to its producer.

In a letter he even suggested Ballingall sit on a horse with rifle in hand and
dress like Annie Oakley, as well as take her father shooting.

Ballingall complained to Canadian police and
stated that Mr Sutcliffe seemed to be very interested in guns and he was
someone who might behave violently. Soon after, Victoria Police raided Mr
Sutcliffe’s home.

In July 2000, stalking charges were dismissed
in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court because the offence was said to have occurred
outside its jurisdiction.

Police successfully appealed and the case was
relisted. Mr Sutcliffe is now appealing.

Mr Sutcliffe told the Herald Sun last
year his attempts to establish a relationship with Ballingall had been
misunderstood, and he only wanted to be friends. He complained the Ballingalls
did not appreciate his humour.

Last October, the Firearms Appeals Committee
found he was not a fit and proper person to hold a firearms licence. Chairman
Lindsay Ford said Mr Sutcliffe was clearly obsessed with Ballingall beyond the
realm of rationality.

“His behaviour over a long period was
such that any reasonable person would consider him to be seriously

In documents submitted to VCAT, Mr Sutcliffe
states: “The decision is wrong – I am not an unfit person – and erred in
law on several matters.”

A former accountant, Mr Sutcliffe, is a
pensioner who lives with his mother.


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