Michelle Goodeve Wins at the COPA Awards Banquet

Michelle Goodeve (known to friends and fans as “The Widget,”) began flying
when she was 16 years old.

Since that time she has:

* Barnstormed the US Mid-West with “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” author,
Richard Bach.

* Co-created “The 1927 Trans-Continental Air Dash (of 1972)” with Glenn
Norman and Bach.

* Flown coast to coast on the Dash as a teenage navigator in a 1937
Thruxton Jackaroo Biplane.

* Co-created “The Great Belvedere Air Dash of 1973.”

* Flown coast to coast on the second Air Dash as navigator in Canada’s
oldest licensed airplane – a 1929 Gipsy Moth.

* Promoted general aviation with the Gipsy Moth at air shows and mall
displays across Canada.

* Become a published Aviation Writer for “Sport Flying” magazine.

* Produced, co-authored and starred in “Flier,” a musical history of

* Purchased a Pietenpol AirCamper then enrolled in an Aircraft Engine
course and majored the engine herself when she discovered it needed an

* Gained International fame as teacher “Ms. Avery” in “Degrassi Jr. High” &
“Degrassi High.” (Note: Degrassi Junior High and its sequel Degrassi High,
were the number one series in Canada for as long as they ran. They were
also hit series in Australia, Denmark, Russia and China – to name just a
few of the more than 80 countries where Degrassi was shown. Actually “IS
shown” would be more accurate. The Degrassi’s have become a huge cult hit
and – 17 years after the shows first aired – are still shown around the
world on a daily basis. Degrassi is, in fact, the most successful TV show
in Canadian history and The Toronto Star describes it as “the television
series that defined a generation.”)

Michelle also:

* Used her Degrassi status to create roles and guest star as a female pilot

– Global TV’s “Vulcan EFTS”

– Disney/CBC’s “Danger Bay.”

– CTV’s “White Fang.”

* Given talks to thousands of children, teens and adults, promoting

* Flown over five hundred passengers – especially women & young girls – in
antique biplanes for “The Tiger Boys Aeroplane Works” (a Guelph based
flying museum.)

* Become a successful Screenwriter writing for animated series such as
“Redwall” (for which she was nominated for “Best Childrens’ Drama Series”)
& “Maggie & The Ferocious Beast” (which won the Gemini for “Best Pre-School
Childrens’ series.”)

* Become a successful Story Editor for action series such as “White Fang” &
“Mysterious Island.”

* Co-created “W.L.T.M.,” a new British Sit-Com for Steve Walsh Productions.

* Been awarded a $10,000.00 grant by the Harold Greenberg Fund to write a
feature length film about a Native-Canadian aviatrix titled “Birdwoman.”

And …

* Monitored illegal Sewage Sludge dumping from the air and provided crucial
aerial photography that lead to a conviction and $15,000 fine against
Sludge hauler Terratec (a former Enron company.) Ironically, Michelle’s
fictional counterpart, Eleanor Meade, also caught a toxic-waste dumper in
the Danger Bay episode “Skywatch.” Talk about life imitating art .

These are just some of the highlights from Michelle’s extraordinary career.
She has used her International Celebrity status to become a role model for
females all over the world and is continually searching for new ways to
promote women in aviation.


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