Degrassi: The Next Generation article in

Degrassi: The Next Generation, CTV, ET/PT 8:30 pm.
Dine with the Degrassi gang, or at least one of them. Cassie Steele, Manuella
Manny Santos on CTV’s next-generation take on “Degrassi,” is the featured
Celebrity Chef in the August 23 print edition of TV GUIDE (on newsstands,
Monday, August 18). I feel like [the show] is a reincarnation of the first
one, Steele says.

Steele loves playing the Grade 9 student because the
character has a great personality. Apart from her passion for acting, the
renaissance girl enjoys dancing, practising kung-fu (when filming allows) and
singing. When it comes to cooking, Steele helps out in the kitchen, but says her
dad is the real chef.


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