Should I buy or should I not?

Hi everyone

Check out the bed I may want to buy

Please refer to the above website.

Someone is selling this “bed” for $200. The rails are white and not black as in the pic.
Basically, It is in new condition, as has been used less than half a dozen times. I deally, I would put it in my room, and move my futon to either my future roommate’s room (to make it furnished), or the living room (thus replacing Mrs P’s “temporary” couch).

What do we think? Do we like it? The bottom bunk opens into a double futon type of arrangement as I have now. The top is a single bed. I think this might be a good investment. Not only for now, but in the future, it will be a good bed to have for visiting mother-in-laws, other guest, a GREAT place to throw my clothes up top so they don’t go on the floor.

Please give me your opinion, as $200 is a big investment for me, but I think it might be a good one.
Please reply!

P.S.-12 cm of snow in the laurentians!



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