Degrassi: The Next Generation- cover art please Canadian release date

We’ve reported how Epitome Pictures, property-owners of the various Degrassi series, is planning separate releases of Degrassi: The Next Generation in the US and in Canada.

In early June we filled you in on Funimation’s plans for distributing the 1st season in the USA, starting on September 28th. As you can see by the logo at the bottom of Funimation’s promotional website, they are merely taking the Canadian release being produced by Alliance Atlantis, and circulating it via their American distribution system. has it available for pre-order, showing a list price of $49.98 US dollars.

Now Alliance Atlantis has revealed their Canadian release date and price: in Canada the date is October 5th (a week after the USA release), and the SRP is $59.95 Canadian dollars. The special features shown sounds like they are identical to the Funimation listing for the USA. All of this was revealed via Alliance Atlantis’ advertisement, which was scanned and sent in by reader “Matty D.”, with help from “Melissa”. Our thanks to both of them for getting it to us. While the ad is too big to show you the entire thing at a readable size, here are a couple of isolated elements from it:

News Graphic

Bear in mind that this is the Candian cover art, but that the USA cover is likely going to look similar, if not outright the same. Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know more as soon as we get it.


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