Kevin Smith Appears For 'Degrassi' Finale

Kevin Smith Appears For ‘Degrassi’ Finale

By: W. Andrew Powell on Oct 19, 04

If you know anything about Kevin Smith, you’re probably wise to his fascination with a little TV show in Canada called Degrassi. For ages now he’s wanted to be involved somehow with the show and apparently he’s finally getting his wish. According to a press release from CTV, the station behind Degrassi: The Next Generation, Smith is in town right for a guest-starring role in the show’s final three episodes of the season.

Plus, Smith hasn’t come alone and will be appearing on the show with a “co-guest star”. Who that is will certainly be open to debate (Jason Mewes perhaps?), but all the details will be announced tomorrow from the Epitome Productions set.

Previously Smith had been trying to direct the debut episode of the new Degrassi series back in 2001, but due to conflicting schedules that never turned out. Smith hasn’t lost track of the show though and according to the release he talks about the show in the October 1st issue of Entertainment Weekly. “When I heard some of the storylines they’re doing,” Smith said, “my head exploded. I’m known for frank subject matter and I wouldn’t touch that stuff.” (Smith is apparently referring to a number of touchy subjects the show has tackled, including the recent school-shooting episode.)

Smith arrived in Toronto last week for pre-production and will film his scenes this week before returning home. The episodes are slated to air across Canada on CTV in early 2005.

Apparently the story arc that Smith will appear in, along with his “co-guest star”, are going to take the show towards an “unpredictable season finale”, but of course there’s no info on what that means just yet.

Kevin Smith is of course best known for his films Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, and recently, Jersey Girl.

Smith first become obsessed with Degrassi when he worked at a convenience store. In a 1996 article for Details Magazine entitled “Obsession Confession”, Smith confessed, saying, “I used to work at this convenience store, and on Sunday mornings the only thing that kept me from gutting the customers in a sleepy rage was Degrassi Junior High.”


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