Ben Affleck wont enroll at Degrassi

Ben Affleck wont enroll
at Degrassi
Fans can buy Orlando Blooms underwear
Even pal Kevin Smith couldn’t convince Ben Affleck to join “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

By Jeannette Walls
Updated: 2:52 a.m. ET Nov. 22, 2004Ben Affleck fans if there are any left shouldnt hold their breath waiting to see him on Degrassi: the Next Generation.

Afflecks buddy, director Kevin Smith, had told fans he was trying to get the Gigli star to appear in the popular Canadian teen TV show. Affleck, it seems, nixed the idea.

Affleck, honestly, could use the work right now, Smith joked to the Edmonton Journal when he announced his efforts to persuade Affleck to do the cameo. What better way to reboot your career than starring in a Canadian melodrama? Smith himself is appearing in three episodes of the show and also persuaded singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette to appear.

But Affleck apparently thinks that the public has had enough of him for right now. He was just like, You know what, dude? Im a little too high profile right now. Im trying to scale back, Smith told He was just feeling the burn. Its been a bad [bleeping] year for him, and he keeps getting the [bleep] kicked out of him. Im not gonna add to this dudes misery right now, where you know the episode would air and people would be like, Affleck winds up in Canadian teen soap opera. And theyd somehow tie it into Jennifer Lopez.


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