Tutti Frutti Dejeuners

4024A, Ste-Catherine
(514) 934-0054

Other locations: http://www.tuttifruttidejeuners.com/location.php

web site: http://www.tuttifruttidejeuners.com

See also Brunch/Breakfast, Downtown-Atwater/Ste Catherine, Lower Westmount/Greene Ave

Located right at Atwater and Sainte Catherine in downtown Montreal, this chain reminds me of a less commercial version of Chez Cora. With the theme of fruit and egg dishes as the main attraction Tutti Frutti is a haven for me. The walls are covered wall to wall with posters, paintings, and prints of roosters, chickens, and more roosters in bright colours of orange, red, and yellow. With large tables spread far apart from each other, menus in both English and French, friendly service, excellent prices, and a diverse menu, this place is now one of my favourite breakfast spots in Montreal.

Daniel and I went there for breakfast on Monday morning before heading off to Toronto. We met up with Kinga, her son Balaz, and Vivian. Vivian ordered the French Toast with fruit–an generous portion of French toast with an explosion of fruit. I ordered the whole wheat crepes (3 large whole wheat crepes) with at least 3 pounds of fresh fruit sprinkled with powdered sugar and maple syrup. Daniel ordered the crepes with maple butter and ham, which he found rich and delicious. As with all crepes, and other breakfast items, you can choose to have you dish with a side of ham, sausage, bacon, or a huge heaping serving of fruit. All breakfasts come with home fries and toast. Kinga ordered the poached egg with bacon and fresh fruit. Although our dishes were in the price range of $8.95-$9.95, the portion size was generous and food was very fresh, and very tasty.

Accepts all cards. Open for breakfast from 6:00am. Fruit is selected fresh every morning. Baby friendly. Very large menu with many healthy + veggie options. Egg white omeletes are available at no extra cost.

Reviewed by Mark


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