Message from Stacie Mistysyn

Hello Degrassi Fans!

As always, thank you for your continued loyalty to the show. I’m
currently taking time off from Degrassi The Next Generation to do a
play at the Artword Theatre in Toronto.

On Tuesday September 20, I’d like to invite you to come see me and
the excellent cast of THE AFFAIRS OF ANATOL as part of a special
event for Degrassi fans. You can save $5 off the ticket price, see a
fabulous play, talk to other Degrassi fans and meet me after the show.

Anatol is a classic play about a neurotic playboy who is searching
for a perfect love. If you want to reserve a pair of tickets and
ensure you receive the $5 discount please email your first and
last name, phone number, and number of tickets to Make sure you write the subject as Degrassi.

I look forward to seeing you in the audience on September 20 and
meeting you after the show.

All the best!

Stacie Mistysyn (Degrassi’s Caitlin )


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