Degrassi: The Next Generation- Season 3 DVD release date

Degrassi: The Next Generation fans are wondering where the 3rd season set is on DVD. It’s been a few months now since the 2nd season came out, and though they’re happy for the upcoming taste of the end of the 4th season (the final 3 episodes appear on Nov. 8th’s Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi), they are aching for the full-blown Season 3 package. What’s the latest on it? Funimation has posted an update about this in their discusion forum. Here’s what they had to say in an “answering questions” format:

    Q: are we still aloud [sic] to comment on season 3 box set or is it too late..?

    A: The jacket is done. There’s some stuff that I can get fan input on and some stuff that I can’t. (Just boring contract stuff) Good news. The box is a kickin’ deep red. We made sure that the fronts of the slim DVDs match up with the episodes on them. So the DVD with AWH has Manny and Craig on it, etc. Also, there’s a poster inside the first 20K. Slim enough to fit in your locker or long enough to put horizontally above a student desk or twin bed. The full size posters got all crinkley when they were folded. We tried folding a million different ways. But this size is really cool and very functional for decorating. Still working on those extras. I suspect I’ll be done by Thursday or Friday and ready to give the scoop a couple of weeks after that.

    Q: are these “dvd schedules” acurate or just made up..supposedly season four dvd is in december 2005…

    A: I’m not sure where you are getting your DVD schedule from. December 2005 is incorrect for Season 4. Season 3 is March 28, 2006. You can mark that on your calendar. After Season 3 releases, there will be an announcement about Season 4.

Okay…consider that marked on our calendar! Thanks to readers Travis and also Theresa for telling us about this info, which was relayed first at the Degrassi: TNG HangOut website. Stay tuned for more information just as soon as we get our hands on it.


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