Jay and Silent Bob make return visit to CTV's Degrassi High for two-parter

Jay and Silent Bob make return visit to CTV’s Degrassi High for two-parter

Canadian Press

TORONTO (CP) – Just as his original three-episode appearance comes to DVD, American indie filmmaker Kevin Smith and onscreen sidekick Jason Mewes are bringing their Jay & Silent Bob screen characters back to Degrassi: The Next Generation for a two-part follow-up.

Smith, a longtime fan of the Canadian Degrassi franchise (he used to watch old reruns on PBS), agreed to take part in a story arc last season in which he played a variation of his real-life persona, who had come to Toronto and to Degrassi to shoot a new film in the Jay & Silent Bob series. This one was to be called Jay & Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?, an idea that Smith says he wished he would have thought of for real.

Now, in a sequel storyline entitled Lexicon of Love, airing Nov. 28 and Dec. 5 and shot this past summer, Smith and Mewes return for the red-carpet premiere of their film and become embroiled in scandalous goings-on at Degrassi Community School where Smith feels required to dispense some adult advice to the teens.

In addition to a director’s cut DVD version of last season’s arc, a CD, Songs From Degrassi: The Next Generation, is also available in stores. The TV franchise is also celebrating its 25th anniversary.


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