Mini Webisodes -D:TNG (Jan 27, 2006- March 17, 2006)

Stephen Stohn posted on saying that the mini-webisodes are almost complete. They will be about 2 minutes long in length. There will be 12 webisodes at 2 minutes each.

Episode 101 – Don’t You Forget About Me Part 1
original release date: 1/27/2006

Summary: Sean returns to Toronto to tell Ellie that he still has feelings for her.

Sean “It’s been a year since we broke up, and alot of things have changed, but not my feelings about you. I still care about you.”

Episode 102 – Man In The Mirror
Original release date: 2/24/2006

Summary: Jimmy tells Ellie that he’s moved on since Hazel and he likes someone else, someone who “inspires him.”

Episode 103 – Bizarre Love Triangle
Original release date: 2/10/2006

Summary: Craig and Ellie have a great “just friends” relationship, but Manny isn’t so happy about their new special friendship.

Episode 104 – Don’t You Forget About Me Part 2
Original release date: 2/17/2006

Sumary: Jay runs into Sean, who reveals why he’s really back in Toronto.

Episode 105 – Hey Ladies
Original release date: 3/17/2006

Summary: Emma and Peter go to comedic lengths to keep their relationship a secret from Manny. And it’s Fajita Day at the cafeteria!

Episode 106 – Notorious
Original release date: 2/3/2006

Summary: Manny and Marco discuss what it feels like to be judged at Degrassi.

Episode 107 – Bigmouth Strikes Again
Original release date: 3/3/2006

Summary: Jay tries to convince Spinner to give up his life of salvation.

Episode 108 – Lovecats
Original release date: 3/10/2006

Summary: Paige ponders inviting Alex to the Jay and Silent Bob Premiere. Meanwhile Alex is suspicously worried that people think she’s homophobic.

Episode 109 – What If Craig Picked Emma?

Timeline: Season 3 “Holiday.”

Episode 110 – What If Jimmy Was Never Shot?

Timeline: Season 5, college application time.

Episode 111 – What If Emma Was Jay and Jay Was Emma

Timeline: Combination of late season 2 and mid-season 4.

Episode 112 – What If Liberty Was Paige and Paige Was Liberty

Timeline: Season 5.


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