Degrassi airs 100th episode


Degrassi: The Next Generation’s fifth season had viewers anxious and addicted, touching on lesbian relationships, paternal infidelity and eating disorders, to name only a few of its hot topics.

In its final two episodes for this year’s season the show took a seemingly lighter approach.

In true Degrassi fashion, the show could not completely avoid drama. Make-ups, breakups and love triangles are the focus of the two-part series titled High Fidelity.


Yesterday’s episode showed cute couple Spinner (Shane Kippel) and Darcy (Shenae Grimes) squabble over sex and the ex. Jimmy (Aubrey Graham) confesses his crush, but only to an old friend. While Paige (Lauren Collins) and her girlfriend end their first relationship.

The second helping of this storyline airs next Monday and has audiences questioning whether Spinner should be with Darcy or his old flame.

Although he ends up making a choice, his motivation seems a little immature, but he is only a high school boy.


Besides being the finale to the show’s most successful season to date, the second half of High Fidelity is DTNG’s 100th episode.

Along with this cinematic accomplishment, the characters have their own fete; the very first cast graduation.

Morphing the two achievements into one episode is a nice touch. It allows for the characters, cast and audience to celebrate simultaneously.

Keen viewers will be happy to watch the characters celebrate as missing cast members re-appear and strained friendships finally mend themselves during and due to their graduation.

The episode also depicts high school graduation in a realistic fashion. There are no huge spectacles due to the climax of adolescence.

Rather, the characters seem to take it as a new beginning and have a mature approach to saying their goodbyes.

Hopefully the show’s audience will be able to emulate the cast’s anticipation for adulthood, while holding on to the good memories.


The graduation is a nice send off into re-runville. Do not be fooled by the happy endings and new beginnings — like any good finale there are some cliffhangers to keep viewers restless throughout the summer.

Degrassi seems to cover every issue.

It is hard to imagine what season 6 will have in store. This fan is definitely expecting a lot.


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