Looking for Degrassi fans for new TV show [DOES NOT APPLY ANY LONGER]

Oct 2006- Jennifer no longer needs Degrassi fans for new TV show. This news item is made available for informational and archival

Hi Mark:

By way of introducing myself, my name is Jennifer
and I’m coordinating a
brand new TV show about for the world’s top
television fans. As the host of
the Degrassi Online web site, I was hoping that you
may be interested in
participating in our program (or could refer me to
someone who you think
would be).

Each episode of our show will focus on a different
program- everything from
Twin Peaks, to The Addams Family, and of hopefully
Degrassi. Each episode
will feature 2-3 devotees from Canada and the US,
and if possible, we’ll
participate in a convention or some sort of event or
activity. We’re
looking for fans with big collections: memorabilia,
autographs, books, etc.
and that know the show really well: quotes, trivia,
etc. and from your FAQ
page, it sounds like you’ve collected a lot over the

With this show we’re looking to explore why certain
people collect, why they
love the show, how collecting/the show makes them
feel, what their friends
and family think, and the culture of fandom
(different shows express their
fandom differently, look at Sex & the City fans and
then at Star Trek fans).

As a Canadian production, we’re eager to highlight
Canadian shows that have
had a wide impact- and, I must admit, that I’ve been
a huge fan of the show
since I was a kid (My roommate and I have the DJH

I’d love it if you’d be interested, or if not know
someone else who would
be. Please don’t hesitate to contact me as it would
be an enormous help.




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