TeenPeople.com Hangs With The Stars of DeGrassi

TeenPeople.com Hangs With The Stars of DeGrassi

Jealous? Don’t fret! We’ve got the scoop on the new season.

By Kristen Sardis

Oct 13, 2006 12:00AM EDT

courtesy: N Networks

A little rain did nothing to deter the five hundred excited teenagers lined up around the corner of 43rd street and Broadway in New York City on a chilly September evening. All were patiently waiting to enter the Hard Rock Caf, but not to see a rock band perform or to grab a burger. They had only one thing on their mind — meeting the cast of DeGrassi: The Next Generation. To celebrate its sixth season, DeGrassi: The Next Generation invited their biggest fans to this private screening of the season premiere, which premiered a week later.

It was every DeGrassi fan’s dream come true. Large individual photos of cast members like Miriam McDonald, Lauren Collins, Stacy Farber, Adamo Ruggerio and Aubrey Graham wallpapered the Hard Rock, while the living, breathing versions of the photos mingled with the guests, posed for pics and chatted away. For an added bonus, stars from other N shows like South of Nowhere’s Matt Cohen, Beyond the Break’s Michael Copon and Instant Star’s Alexz Johnson were peppered throughout the crowd. But before the big screen descended on stage to premiere the DeGrassi season and teasers of other N shows, the casts took to the stage and answered questions from the audience, where no subject was off-limits.

Known for being edgy, smart and true to life, with plots centered on issues like rape, sexuality and drugs, the new season of DeGrassi promises to be even more provocativeand fans arent the only ones who are excited. “This year, [my character Emma] gets the chance to be a teenage girl and laugh a bit,” Miriam McDonald tells TeenPeople.com. “Last year she was anorexic, and the season before her father was really sick. It’s just a traumatic roller coaster of events!” She also finds herself in a love triangle that has serious repercussions.

Lauren Collins (remember her from last year’s Take The Lead with Antonio Banderas?) spent ten “amazing” days in Israel this summer. Like Miriam, she can’t help but feel attached to her character, Paige. “Paige was raped in the second season and in the fourth season it was followed up with a trial that she lost, she says. When you’ve been playing a character for so long, you become so attached that it’s hard to see them go through these horrible things.” This season shows Paige in her first year at college.

Ellie, played by Stacy Farber, just started college; like her character, Stacy started a new school this year in New York City. “It’s madness,” the creative writing major says of traveling back and forth to Toronto to shoot. “I go to Toronto once a month. I’d go more but I can only miss three classes or I fail!” Look for a romance between Ellie and an older man this season.

DeGrassi: The Next Generation airs on Fridays at 8 PM on The N Network.


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