Degrassi Comes Of Age


The sixth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation premiers tonight on CTV, but anxious viewers may have already checked out a brand new option.

The CTV Broadband Network — at — started streaming Degrassi’s first episode a week before its scheduled television release.


Not only full-length episodes, but a considerable amount of new and exclusive DTNG content will also be available online.

Throughout the year 19 Degrassi shorts, called Degrassi Minis, 19 behind- the-scenes documentaries and two animated features will be accessible through your computer.

From what is available so far, the bonus materials seem to be light-hearted and humorous, which is a nice balance to the usual heavy and dramatic plot of Degrassi.

If you are still yearning for more Degrassi content, the show has branched out into a series of graphic novels, which expand on the show’s plotlines.

Season 6 does not shy away from innovative or exciting plotlines. In the first handful of episodes, there are the typical make-ups, eventual break-ups and new students.


The show brings new and current elements into the script such as Degrassi’s own version of MySpace, street racing and jail time. The season continues with relevant yet enticing topics of drug abuse, exotic dancing and murder.

That’s right, by the end of this season a major character will be murdered. Degrassi has seen violence and drama before, but this season is promising to be its most daring.

The show is also following a new direction — while it will centre on high school life, many of the cast have moved on to university and beyond.


Rather than focus on fewer characters and ultimately disappoint fans, DTNG will follow a handful of the older classmates into their college life.

Familiar faces are always a crowd-pleaser and many Degrassi fanatics will be very excited to witness the return of Sean Cameron (Daniel Clark) this season.

Degrassi: The Next Generation also has a new intro, furthering their change and innovation.

Season 5 was the most successful year of Degrassi to date, and with all that Degrassi has planned there’s no doubt Season 6 will surely beat that landmark.


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