Death Comes to Degrassi


Degrassi has never been shy of controversy or innovation, so why should the sixth season of Degrassi The Next Generation be any different.

As this season premiered the press swarmed with talk of the most controversial year yet, including drug abuse, Internet stalkers and murder.


Now the highest of those plot points has reached its pinnacle; a major character will be murdered … tonight.

Before the episode airs, thoughts and questions fill any fan’s mind, especially mine. I took it upon myself to ponder who may leave our favourite Canadian series and why. Could it be:

Paige: Perhaps someone has finally realized her Mean Girls re-enactment and pretentious nature are annoying enough to end.

Craig: He may owe a Vancouver drug dealer some money.

Principal Hatzilakos: She makes hard decisions every week, maybe one went too far?

Toby: The school wars have already seen him jumped; it would be extra tragic to have him be the casualty.

J.T.: The school wars could also be the catalyst or it could be Liberty in a jealous lover’s rage.

Sean: Peter’s jealousy over his relationship with Emma may be the trigger.

Ellie: A crazed fan of her newspaper writing may take admiration too far.

Jay: Giving multiple girls gonorrhea may have caught up with him.

Whether it is one of these mentioned characters or another member of the large cast, the death scene will affect fans and casual viewers alike.

The murder is tragic and quite scary. It happens in a realistic manner, ripped from news headlines.

One of the characters sums up the plot by saying, “Life is random” and tragedy has no logical flow.

Anyone who feels the murder is more haphazard than rational in regards to the plot is refuted. Degrassi’s murder will not be as arbitrary and pathetic as The O.C.’s attempt.


The O.C. could take a lesson from the Degrassi team. They too had a major character murdered, but the event was unemotional, unnecessary and dull. Degrassi’s murder is shocking and depressing.

DTNG’s story arc may actually impact its audience because its plot is not solely based on firing an actor but rather on Degrassi’s dramatic yet realistic mandate.

Informed fans expecting the eventual murder may find it a tad predictable.


From the beginning of the season, fans with their guard up may be able to guess the doomed character. However, the events and action of the death are not expected, instead they are sudden and heartbreaking.

What follows the murder is the most interesting. Degrassi immediately dives into the cast’s reaction.

The characters grieve in their unique ways, which results in some new and interesting twists to be filtered throughout the season.

No matter which character leaves fans will be affected by the loss.


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