Taking Back Sunday takes on Degrassi!

We caught up with frontman Adam Lazzara to chat about the band’s big TV break!

By Aaron Parsley and Sona Charaipotra

Jan 12, 2007 10:00AM EST


Can’t wait for the next episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation? Neither can Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara! “I’ve been watching the show since I was in middle school — since like the sixth grade,” says the singer. “They would show episodes of Degrassi in our health class –’cause it dealt with teen issues like drinking and eating disorders. I remember the one where Spike got pregnant! That was huge!”

So when the band had the opportunity to appear on tonight’s very special episode, titled “What’s It Feel Like to Be Ghost? Part Two” after a TBS song, they jumped at the chance. “It’s just kind of weird to go from watching it in my living room in Brooklyn to actually being there and just seeing how everything works,” says Adam of his acting debut. “I didn’t think playing myself would be so hard, but it really was. Coming away from this, I have a new appreciation for what actors do.”

The episode is the follow-up to last week’s return of Craig (played by Jake Epstein), who lands a spot opening for Taking Back Sunday — and lets his new rockstar lifestyle destroy his relationship with BFF Ellie. “It addresses drug issues, which are really, really racy,” says Adam. “I was kind of shocked — it’s very, very risqu.”

Stacy Farber, who plays Ellie on the show, says the TBS boys were a blast on set. “They were a lot of fun,” says Stacey, 19, who’s been on the show for six seasons. “They only had two scenes, and they performed a song. But I don’t know if I would listen to music that loud at home!”

So what else can Degrassi fans expect? “The rest of the season is really great,” says Stacey. “Once Craig leaves, there’s still a lot more drama with Ellie, because she has to go back to her boyfriend.”

Plus, TeenPeople.com can reveal that one of your favorite Degrassi characters will be killed off in a tragic turn of events. We can’t tell you more, but we’re sure Adam won’t miss it! “I’ll be huddled around the television with my friends, watching the show and eating nachos,” he says with a laugh. “I hope people just don’t make too much fun of me!” We promise we won’t!

Catch Taking Back Sunday on tonight’s episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation, which airs Friday at 8 EST on the N!

Can’t wait for the episode to air? Check out TeenPeople.com’s exclusive sneak-peak at an a web-only episode featuring the Taking Back Sunday boys, which asks what would happen if Emma’s parents, Spike and Snake, hadn’t got back together.


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