Degrassi brand goes manga (Media in

The CTV Broadband Network will unveil the first animated extension of the Degrassi brand, dubbed “mangasodes” (Manga refers to Japanese comics) at on Thursday, Feb. 8 at noon ET. The second mangasode will be available on Thursday, Feb. 15 at noon ET. So far, there are only two mangasodes. Both are sponsorable, using either pre-roll or ads within CTV’s Broadband player.

The streaming mangasodes are two-minute-long episodes building on characters in the Degrassi: Extra Credit novel series and Degrassi: The Next Generation, which returns to CTV later this year (unconfirmed date) for the second half of its sixth season. The mangasodes were produced by Yowza! Animation, the Toronto-based company with production credits on recent films such as Osmosis Jones, Titan AE, and Curious George


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