The Best Years (new college drama by Aaron Martin, former writer of Degrassi)-

The Best Years

Bottom Line: A welcome summer addition to young-adult programming.

By Marilyn Moss

Jun 29, 2007

5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 29
The N

The N’s new series for college kids (or thereabouts) is a welcome summer addition to young-adult programming. Realistic but not overwhelmingly so, humorous yet with enough pathos to get college kids involved, “The Best Years,” which focuses on one freshman’s new experiences at a Boston college, is wonderfully engaging fun and not in the least bit superficial.

The 13-episode series comes from Aaron Martin, executive producer, creator and writer of the N’s “Degrassi” series. It arrives fully loaded with issues to talk about and events to be taken seriously.

Charity Shea plays the young woman in question who leaves her foster home after winning a full scholarship to the prestigious Charles University. There, she meets the usual suspects, peers who occupy her world and provide a much-needed support network.
Shea is charming in the role, as are her fellow castmembers. But the real winner here is the writing, always putting challenges out there that are believable and handled with style and sophistication.


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