Searching for Degrassi (play at the Toronto Fringe Festival)

Throw me a bone productions

Toronto , ON


Searching for Degrassi

by Stephanie Devine, Kostas Kurelias

Calling all Broomheads!

In the timeless words of The Zit Remedy, “Everybody wants something…They’ll never give up!”

If you love Degrassi- and we know you do, check out this hilarious and touching two-hander about two twenty somethings who connect over a mutual love of the show and learn how to let go and open there hearts to new things- like Degrassi the Next Generation…maybe.

Performed by artists Kostas Kurelias and Celine Lepage and directed by Peter Oldring. The show is a touching adventure of sorts where two people meet each other and learn about themselves in the process.

General Audience Warning: language

Venue 5 – Factory Studio Theatre / 125 Bathurst Street (at Adelaide )

60 Min.

Wed, July 4 @ 6:30pm / show code: 501
Fri, July 6 @ 3:15pm / show code: 508
Sun, July 8 @ 11:00pm / show code: 526
Tue, July 10 @ 2:45pm / show code: 534
Wed, July 11 @ 5:45pm / show code: 542
Fri, July 13 @ 7:15pm / show code: 557
Sun, July 15 @ 4:30pm / show code: 569


Adults: $10 “At The Door” / $10 Advance ($8 + $2 SC)

Passes: $6.50 – $8.00


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