Finally, fans can download 'Degrassi' episodes

Tyrone Warner,

Want “Degrassi” your way?

TV? Check. DVD? Check. Streaming? Check. Comic book? Check.

Downloading? Yes!

“Degrassi: The Next Generation” has teamed up with to become the first television show in Canada to become available for authorized download in Canada.

“Creatively, Degrassi has always tried to break new ground in television so it’s only fitting,” says Chris Jackson, Director of Digital Media and Merchandising for Epitome Pictures Inc.

The format will be perfect for fans with portable devices who want to take the show with them as they travel.

“We’re sure that many of our fans are tech-savvy and will jump at the chance to bring their favourite episodes along,” says Jackson.

Puretracks is one of North America’s leading music download providers, which also allows downloads from prepaid cards that can be purchased in retail outlets.

Season three will be available first, with more seasons to follow.

The episodes will be available as a Windows Media 10 file, at 640×360.

Files downloaded to your computer will be the owner’s forever, but can only be burned onto a disc three times and copied on a device three times.

A single episode will be available for $1.99 and a full season run for $29.99.


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